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Youth Spotlight

My name is Reagan Burke. I am a 

 Junior at A.C. Flora High School in Columbia, SC. I am also a member of a Leadership program called Youth Corps. Through Youth Corps, I was able to meet Ms. Eboni.  

I love poetry.  My two favorite poets are  Emily Dickinson and Edgar Allan Poe. I use poetry to express myself and even just to entertain myself.

Autumn Leaves

The greatest thing I ever saw,

the course of nature pure and raw.

Autumn leaves so diverse,

an amazing wonder of the Earth.

The chilling air brings sounds of the fair,

for children’s joy to bring and share.

The leaves of fall have seen it all.

October brings a scary scene,

for those that celebrity Halloween.

The trees are running short on leaves,

from the onslaught of the breeze.

This beautiful phenomenon means,

the trees will soon have brand new leaves.

Reagan Burke

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