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"Eboniramm conducts poetry workshops for both children and adults, connecting words, music and ideas.  She loves jazz, poetry, music and people, and it all shines in each and every one of her performances.  She smiles, sings and interacts with the audience, creating an individual experience for each person.  It is my pleasure to recommend Eboniramm as a talented jazz performer."

                                                                                 Melanie Huggins - Executive Director, Richland Library, Columbia, SC

"For our Arts & Culture module, the Youth Corps students had the opportunity to spend an evening with Eboniramm.  It was one of the highlights of the year for us.  Eboniramm does a great job of interacting with the students and I would highly recommend any school or other group to take advantage of an opportunity to experience a jazz poetry session with this artist.  It will be well worth it."

                                                                                                                          Jeff Becraft - Director, Youth Corps     

Jazz Roundtable @ Richland Library

Richland Library Literary Resident, Eboniramm, brings the smooth and swinging sounds of jazz to the library, accompanied by local musician, Kyle Whitlock of KBC Jazz Trio.

Have a listen below!

Jazz Poetry Workshop - Youth Corps

For their Arts & Culture Module, the students spent an evening with Eboniramm.